Data Sharing

Wonersh Surgery has Data Sharing Agreements with a number of organisations to enable better continuity of care.

Sharing Your Data with the Royal Surrey County Hospital

From the 1 September 2017 this practice will be participating in an initiative where patients’ Health Records will be accessible to certain clinical staff working within the hospital if you require treatment by them. This includes:

  • A summary of your Care Record (including details medication, allergies, and your health status)
  • Records made by GPs during consultations with you
  • Information relating to Investigations and Immunisations
  • Details of any referrals and copies of care plans in place

We believe that this is clearly in your best interests; it could save your life. It will certainly contribute to the provision of comprehensive medical care during your time in their care.

If you do not wish your GP to share your personal medical data with the Royal Surrey County Hospital, you can always opt out.

If you wish to opt out you can complete a form from reception.

Sharing your data with Cedar Centre – Diabetic Clinic

The Cedar Centre supports people with diabetes in Guildford and Waverley

Often, when you see a care professional, important information about you may not be available. This can result in a need for repeat appointments, repeat blood tests, or you being constantly asked to repeat information that should be readily available.

To be able to provide the best care for people with diabetes, GP practices in Guildford and Waverley and the diabetes and endocrine teams at the Royal Surrey County Hospital have improved information sharing for the patients they care for.

Electronic records held by your GP practice can now be viewed quickly and safely by staff at the Cedar Centre. Your GP will also be able to view important information from the Cedar Centre.

Your GP practice and hospital staff involved in your diabetes care already share important information about you to ensure you receive the best care. The improvements being introduced will simply make the process easier and quicker meaning that healthcare professionals can focus on providing you with the right treatment, rather than wasting time trying to get all the information they need. This could include checking which medications you are or have taken for your diabetes or diabetes tests you may have had in the past.

These improvements will not result in new information being collected; it makes existing information more readily available to your GP practice and to the team at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

This means those involved in your care at your GP practice and hospital staff in the Cedar Centre will have faster access to information about you, which will help them provide you with the timeliest and efficient diabetes treatment.

What if I Do Not Want my Records to be Shared?

If you do not want your GP records to be shared with the diabetes and endocrine teams at the Royal Surrey County Hospital you should discuss your concerns with your GP practice. They will be able to provide more information to you about the benefits of sharing your GP records with others involved in your care as well as the potential impact on you should you choose to object.

If you decide you would like to object to your GP records being shared with other partners who provide you with care, your GP practice can record an ‘opt out’ code against your GP record which will prevent your records from being shared. Your records will stay as they are now with information being shared by letter, email or phone. Alternatively, your GP practice can place specific restrictions on particular entries within your GP records if you have particular concerns around certain information being shared or viewed.

Is my Information Secure?

Yes, your information is secure as your records can only be accessed over a secure network by those authorised to view it. Your information will always be subject to strict NHS confidentiality regulations.

The information can only be viewed by other healthcare professionals directly caring for you.

Sharing your Data with Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

A data sharing agreement with Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice enables their clinicians to access the medical records of any patient of Wonersh Surgery that is in their care. This is particularly important where a patient is admitted over a weekend when the practice is closed.

Sharing your Data with Procare – Extended Access Service

Procare deliver extended access services within the Guildford & Waverley area. In order for our patients to have access to this service we need to allow their clinicians to access the medical records of any patient that we book into their clinics.

National Diabetes Audit

This practice is taking part in the National Diabetes Audit (NDA). The NDA checks whether people with diabetes are getting good care.